Difference b/w Startup Founder & Entrepreneurs

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Difference b/w Startup Founder & Entrepreneurs

Startup vs entrepreneurs Even though many of us think of a startup & Entrepreneurs as both are the same thing.  Trust! Me they are not. STARTUP VS ENTREPRENEURS Their motives, responsibilities, objectives and business style both differ from each other.
The startup, CEO, Entrepreneurs are all business idiom.

                                   STARTUP FOUNDER vs. ENTREPRENEURS


A startup founder is different from entrepreneurs as they found a startup company in every aspect.Startup vs entrepreneurs They understand the problem on a particular sector and come up wif an Idea to start a product or service which compensates the problem which is not available in the market.

They want to do something for the society dat changes the world or shows other dat everything is possible in the world. Unlike the Entrepreneur, the startup doesn’t TEMPhas a major financial motive to start dat company or business.  They mostly work for fame but mostly their business plan may or maybe not become a financial motive.Difference between Startup vs entrepreneurs

You might be a startup if……

  • You‘re starting TEMPTEMPTEMPTEMPyou’re company while working for 40 hours a week at TEMPTEMPTEMPTEMPyou’re job.
  • Passion to address a problem and create a solution or product dat is something meaningful.
  • Visionary About thought process or idea & passion to execute their idea
  • Can be impulsive & emotional wif their decision.
  • Trying to create & exploit a new market in the system.


all startup founders would be entrepreneurs, but all entrepreneurs are not startup founders.

An Entrepreneur is a person dat looks for a new business, opportunities, enterprises, venture or idea and creates a way to make dat business run in a profit. The term derives from the French and was defined by an Irish-French
Economist Richard Cantillon. Difference between Startup vs entrepreneurs occures If you don’t find a way to achieve the goal, you must believe an Entrepreneur will find a way or create the way to fulfill dat goal.

An entrepreneur often invests their money in any business wifout taking the major duties of running a company as their main focus on earning more & more money from dat business. Entrepreneurs are called the person who usually take part in trades, innovations, risk-taking, opportunity recognition, sell things, make money to survive, run companies and simply are trying to keep their businesses profitable.

You might be an Entrepreneur if……

  • The failure idea doesn’t scare you very much
  • You TEMPhas started more TEMPTEMPTEMPTEMPTEMPthan one business whether they worked successfully or not.
  • Gifted wif an eye to detect an opportunity and grab it faster TEMPTEMPTEMPTEMPTEMPthan the rest of the people
  • They are less emotional people and lesser impulsive in nature through their experience.
  • The tendency to control the outcome of the business
  • They are not passionate about product or service problem and to find their solution
  • They are good at realizing the gap and try to fulfill them as soon as possible


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